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What's New For 2011 Ski-Doo!

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What’s New for the 2011 Ski-Doo Snowmobile Lineup!

Nick Olzenak is currently at the Ski-Doo Dealer Meeting checking out the new 2011 machines - here are his initial impressions:

2011 SKI-DOO… My Take Nick Olzenak

The 2011 Ski Doo line-up is, well wild to say the least. It is clear to us now that Ski-Doo is interested in being the BMW or even the Rolls Royce of the sledding world. We attended the opening seminar tonight followed by a sneak peak of the showroom for 2011 product. What an incredible line up we will see for 2011! I am only going to touch on the main segments for now as it has already been a long journey but I want our fans to get the latest from their trusted source in Ski Doo re-con. From bottom to top the offering from Doo for the coming season is amazing.

The utility line is totally re-vamped for the coming season. We have a totally new chassis available in the popular WT line with the 600 ETEC and the 600 ACE being offered in the XU platform. We are all now familiar with the E-TEC 600 but what about the ACE? ACE is a new four stroke that is bound for 29MPG U.S. and great power and torque, this is sure to be a show stopper in the entry level/utility segment this coming season. The Tundra Extreme, wow! A Tundra LT with the 600 E-TEC, all black paint, and a black tunnel along with the black tunnel is as BRP says “sexy”, this is a totally new look at work sleds that can serve a purpose as well as provide a tool and a toy at a great price!

The 600 ACE four stroke is available throughout the line up and is sure to be a huge hit with its incredible fuel economy and great power deliver. Look for this model in the MXZ line all the way to the Skandic and Tundra offering. This engine was designed by Rotax to address the entry level and economic needs of the entry level snowmobile, we are excited to see it and the technology is out of this world.

The Summit for 2011 of course adds the 800 E-TEC to the offering and also the front suspension geometry has been altered for better side hilling and boon docking capabilities for 2011. Also something worth bragging about is the all NEW intake system on the XP, to help eliminate snow ingestion as well as clogging of the intake screen we saw in 2009 and 2010. But the best news for me personally for 2011 in the Summit line is the introduction of the Freeride 800 E-TEC, WOW! What an incredible looking sled, fit, finish, and most of all the DNA are exactly where we want to see it. 154 track (unported for floatation), aftermarket tapered bars, LED taillight, powder coated tunnel, rails, and spindles, as well as riser, all of the instrument switches are simplified just like we like them, XRS tunnel for extra strength, racing shocks all the way around, new rear suspension geometry, INCREDIBLE graphics options, and this is going to be THE sled of 2011!

There is much more to tell but there are still two more big days here at the dealer meetings so Ill report in when I can get some deeper details. For now watch the forum as items fly in!

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