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Karavan ATV & Snowmobile Trailers

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AMDS is a dealer for Karavan ATV and snowmobile trailers. Karavan manufactures both steel and aluminum trailers that feature torsion style suspensions. This means that instead of regular spring style suspensions, Karavan trailers incorporate the suspension into the axle itself via a rubber-damped pivoting arm. This has several advantages. The suspension has a lower profile, so the trailer rides closer to the ground, giving the loaded trailer more stability on the road. Loading the trailer is easier, as the trailer bed is at a gentler angle when tilted. In the unlikely event that the suspension fails, the axle cannot detach for the trailer bed, as can happen when a spring breaks on a standard trailer suspension. While we stock these trailers for use hauling ATVs and snowmobiles they come in handy for all kinds of hauling needs.

Karavan Atomic 13 Aluminum Trailer

Karavan Atomic 13 Aluminum Trailer

Karavan introduces the most technologically advanced snow trailers that will revolutionize the industry. It's light, strong and more rigid design will keep your sleds safe and ready for action! Atomic 13 trailers also offer a new Sno-Kap option that completely encloses your sled to protect it from road salt, dirt and other debris while towing. If your looking for the future of snow trailers - Atomic 13 is the answer!

Karavan Raptor 101-22-VR-2 Aluminum Trailer
Karavan Raptor 22' Aluminum Trailer (14' also available)

Karavan snowmobile trailers are the trailers you want carrying your snowmobiles. Why? Reliability, safety and performance make Karavan the obvious choice to hook up to your tow vehicle and head for snow. Plug wiring with rubber mounted lights and our sure-lube grease system make maintenance tasks simple and easy. Our use of quality materials like marine grade plywood gives you the easiest-to-use snowmobile trailer to get you and your family to your fun in the snow destination.

Karavan Utility Trailers
Karavan Steel Utility Trailers

Karavan utility trailers offer a wide range of utility applications to serve most all needs. Solid, well-built, all-tubular frames offer the backbone a hard-working utility trailer, which is something most other trailer manufacturers don't offer. Marine grade plywood or pressure-treated decking is another feature we don't ignore when it comes to quality. All axles have our sure-lube grease system and all trailers have plug wiring harnesses for easy maintenance. If you are looking for the best built, most reliable, hardest working trailers, you've found them.

Financing is available on all Karavan trailer purchases. Contact Us! for more information on how to purchase your new Karavan trailer! In Alaska call 1-800-478-3444 for the latest price and availability.

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