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Miscellaneous Product Lines

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AMDS has carried an incredible variety of equipment over the years. New product lines are added in response to new opportunities or customer demand. Other product lines have been dropped as the direction of the company has changed over the years. Most of our product lines fall under our ATV, Boating, Diving, Mining, and Snowmobiling departments, but others are not so neatly categorized and often augment several of the other departments. This page is for these miscellaneous product lines.
bullet Generators - Honda generators for home and commercial use.
bullet Heaters - Monitor oil and gas (natural gas and propane) heaters.
bullet Pumps - Honda portable water and trash pumps.
bullet Snowblowers - Honda tracked and wheeled snowblowers.
bullet AMDS Misc Products Forum - Ask a question and get an answer from AMDS.

Honda snowblower          Monitor 2400 oil heater   


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Prices are F.O.B. Anchorage, Alaska unless otherwise noted. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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