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XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

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The XP DEUS marks a technological breakthrough and is a real innovation in metal detector design. This amazing detector completely eliminates wires with all information sent wirelessly between the coil, control box, and headphones. The XP DEUS is getting rave reviews on the internet forums for its incredibly fast response time, which allows it to pick good targets out of thick trash that other detectors miss. It can operate at 4, 8 12, or 18 kHz at the push of a button, allowing it to run at the best frequency whether it be for silver or gold. Best of all your new detector will never be obsolete with updates downloaded via the internet!
XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector
XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector
Simply put - coil IS the metal detector. Information can be sent to the remote control or the headphones, or both! You can use the DEUS configured as a standard metal detector with the remote control attached to the rod assembly as pictured above. The control box can also be detached and put on your belt with the included hip mount pouch or even stuck in your vest pocket. Finally, since all the essential functions can be controlled from the headphones you can do away with the remote control entirely and use just the coil assembly and headphones for the ultimate in light weight operation! The rod and 9" coil assembly weighs only 1 lb 15 ounces.
XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector Components
XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector Components

When considering a metal detector with all the features and for the price of the XP DEUS we highly recommend you Download the Owners Manual Here and study it completely before making a purchase decision. Important - the coil is waterproof, but it is unable to transmit wirelessly when submerged and so this unit is not designed for wading use.*

XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

Standard Items Included Fully telescopic "S" handle stem, Wireless headphones, Headphone storage case, 9" DD waterproof wireless search coil, 9" search coil cover, Wireless remote control display screen, Hip mount case for wireless remote control display screen, USB connection cable with one mini-b plug, USB connection cable with three mini-b plugs, 110 volt power supply transformer - charger, Connection clamp for recharging the coil, Complete coil hardware & spare parts (2 screws, 2 wing nuts, 1 washer, 1 spacing washer), Detailed owner's manual, 2 year parts and labor warranty (Serviced in USA)

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XP DEUS Controls

*An underwater conversion can be made in the form of an antenna to carry the signal from the coil to the control box - see

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