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Gold in Alaska! Thousands have spent their lives searching for the elusive metal in the Great State. My name is Steve Herschbach. I am fortunate indeed to have been born in Alaska, and to have been introduced to gold mining at an early age by my father, Bud Herschbach. Prospecting has taken me far and wide across Alaska, and is the main reason Alaska Mining & Diving Supply was founded. Although the company has grown far beyond it's original beginnings, to this day I am still actively involved in the search for gold and other minerals. Most of my spare time in the summer is spent gold dredging, metal detecting, and prospecting. While the extra income is nice, it is the search itself that keeps me going... the adventure of prospecting in Alaska!

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Steve with 14.1 Dwt Nugget found at Ganes Creek, Alaska
Steve with 14.1 Dwt Nugget found at Ganes Creek, Alaska

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