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Proline 6" Gold Suction Dredge

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The Proline 6" gold dredge is an favorite with serious dredgers everywhere. It is relatively light in weight when broken down yet is capable of processing much more material than smaller dredges. The 6" suction dredge is ideally suited for use as an exploration and sampling unit for larger mining projects, but it is also capable of being the primary source of gold recovery in smaller commercial operations. In our opinion, the 6" is the largest dredge that can be effectively operated by one man, however, a two man team would allow the dredge to be used to its fullest potential. The Proline 6" dredge was designed to be strong, powerful, and efficient. It looks very similar to our twin engine 5" dredge, only larger. The pontoons are larger to support the additional weight and performance of this dredge, with thicker plastic to ensure years of service. The framework of this dredge bolts together just like the 5", but has a slightly more robust design.

The Proline 6" gold dredge offers excellent gold recovery, just like our other products and cleanup is quick and easy for a minimum of down time. In the short time that this dredge has been on the market, it has already earned a solid reputation for performance and dependability. These machines are currently being operated in North America, South America, and in some of the Pacific Rim of Fire countries with great results.

Proline 6" Suction Gold Dredge 
Proline 6" Gold Dredge "Commercial Grade" (GX270 model on left, GX200 model on right)

The dredge is normally powered by two 8.5 horse power Honda GX270 engines and our HP 500 pump for excellent suction power and minimum fuel consumption. This unit is capable of operating at considerable depths. It is available with either one or two higher pressure diving air compressors for deep diving, or it can be equipped with either one or two of the low pressure diving compressors used on the smaller dredges. This is also the only 6" dredge on the market which is supplied with 25 feet of dredge hose as a standard length. Longer hose can be supplied if needed. This unit is capable of being operated in rugged conditions, and can handle moderately swift water if anchored properly. The engines can be mounted on the dredge frame in several locations to compensate for varying dredging and water conditions. For instance, if the dredge is being initially set up in a stream bed with very little water running over the gravels, the dredge hose may be supported on the river bottom. After the dredge has been in operation for some time, the dredging hose will eventually be unsupported and the weight of the hose and the dredged material can make the machine front heavy. Moving the engines rearward can greatly help to maintain stability.

AMDS founder Steve Herschbach wanted a lighter weight shallow water version of the dredge. In 2011 Proline started producing a unit with twin GX200 HP 400 pumps that works very well and is a normal inventory item for AMDS. This version works quite well in any operation not working deeper than 10 feet and the smaller 5.5HP engines are far easier to pack than the larger 8.5HP units. The twin 5.5HP model is equipped with 20 feet of suction hose instead of 25 feet to maximize suction power and a T80 air compressor.

Engine Twin GX200 5.5hp Honda Pump HP 400 Compressor T80 Sluice Box 22" x 72" Dredge Hose 6" x 20 ft Flotation 4 each polyethylene floats 16" x 62 x 100" Weight approximately 350 pounds PL62GX200HP400T80

Engine Twin GX270 8.5hp Honda Pump HP 500 Compressor 263 Sluice Box 22" x 72" Dredge Hose 6" x 25 ft Flotation 4 each polyethylene floats 16" x 62 x 100" Weight approximately 400 pounds PL62GX270HP500263

Note: the State of Alaska requires a permit for all suction dredges operating in the State of Alaska. See our Suction Dredging Regulations page for details.

Alaska Mining & Diving Supply is a dealer for Proline gold dredges. Contact Us! for more information on how to purchase your new Proline gold dredge.


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