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Proline 5" Gold Suction Dredge

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The Proline 5" gold dredge is the perfect balance of weight, price, and capacity. Most 5" dredges are very close in size to the 6" dredges, and most all are powered by the same engine/pump combination. Not all 5" dredges are created equal. When we designed the Proline 5" flare dredge, we built a machine that we feel addresses most of the problems associated with the 5" size. Our 5" dredge is considerably smaller in size than our 6". It floats on its own set of pontoons which are well matched for the weight and size of this dredge. Like our larger dredges, the frame bolts together and is made lighter for weight savings. The smaller flotation and frame allow this dredge to be narrower, shorter, and lighter than the 6".

This dredge is powered by a 8.5 horsepower Honda GX270 engine and our HP 500 pump and is available with either a T80 diaphragm air compressor or Gast 263 twin piston air compressor. Twin engine models are also available. The single engine dredge is lighter and lower in cost than a twin engine model, and is directed more toward the enthusiast who may not have the need for the additional power of a twin. The single engine/pump combination provides for excellent suction power and can offer better fuel consumption over a twin engine dredge that is being operated at full throttle.

Proline 5" Gold Dredge "Power & Simplicity"

The 5" has always been popular with dredgers who were looking for the perfect balance of portability with higher productivity. Smaller dredges simply can't process as much gravel and the larger dredges require more effort to get into those more remote areas where the richer gold deposits usually are. This is why the 5" dredge size is normally the smallest dredge chosen by the serious prospectors and professional dredgers. These dredges use a modular flotation and sturdy frame which bolts together for ease of transporting and storage when not in use. Naturally, these dredges use the same non-clogging jetting system found on our other machines. Of course, gold recovery is the prime factor in determining the worth of any dredge. Proline takes pride in building equipment that delivers consistent recovery of the finest gold. NO machine can possibly keep all of the gold, but our designs have proven that they are capable of recovering finer gold than many of our competitors. Our 5" dredges offer excellent recovery. If you are looking to purchase a high quality 5" dredge, you need not look any farther than the Proline 5" dredge.

Sluice Box 20" x 60" Dredge Hose 5" x 20 ft Flotation 4 each polyethylene floats 14" x 56 x 88" Weight 300 pounds

Proline 5" Dredge PL5GX270HP500T80 Honda 8.5HP w/HP500 Pump & T80

Proline 5" Dredge PL5GX270HP500263 Honda 8.5HP w/HP500 Pump & 263

Note: the State of Alaska requires a permit for all suction dredges operating in the State of Alaska. See our Suction Dredging Regulations page for details.

Alaska Mining & Diving Supply is a dealer for Proline gold dredges. Contact Us! for more information on how to purchase your new Proline gold dredge.


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