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Proline 4" Gold Suction Dredge

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The Proline 4" gold dredge for the serious prospector. For decades the 4" gold dredge has been the overwhelming choice of dredgers. The light weight, portability, and affordability of the 4" has always made it appealing, both to the weekend prospector and the serious dredger alike. Small enough to be slid onto the back of a pickup, light enough to be packed into remote areas, the 4" suction dredge makes an excellent one man dredge. Ask most of the experienced dredgers, and you'll probably hear that it is the smallest dredge really capable of putting in a full day of serious dredging. The popularity of this dredge makes it a very competitive market for dredge builders, and we have worked very hard to ensure that the Proline 4" dredge stays ahead of the pack.

Extensive testing has resulted in a more refined and efficient machine. This dredge has been equipped with a pontoon design which has increased stability and weight capacity, while remaining compact and lightweight. The dredge frame remains the same as the previous model. It's a sturdy, bolt-together design which allows the dredge to be disassembled into smaller components for ease of transport into remote locations. Assembling the dredge requires only a few hand tools.

Proline 4" Gold Dredge
Proline 4" Gold Dredge - "Very popular unit"

Of course, this model retains our famous "sure-flow coupler" which essentially eliminates all surface rock jams. This unique one-piece jet flare assembly not only eliminates countless hours of down time unplugging jams, but is approximately half the weight of our competitors designs, and the thick polyethylene plastic jet usually outlasts conventional steel powerjets by four to five times!

We've also kept the highly acclaimed "wave classifier" which has proven to greatly enhance fine gold recovery, while eliminating the problems associated with processing low grade black sands. The "wave classifier" develops a pulsing or jigging action which prevents the dredged materials from loading up in the front portion of the sluice box.

By shedding the low grade particles, the fine gold can drop out of suspension earlier and accumulate under the classifier, where it is safe from the turbulence and disturbance caused by the larger rocks traveling through the sluice. The rear portion of the sluice box utilizes "Hungarian" riffles for maximum efficiency and the dredge is equipped with "Nomad" matting for the ultimate in fine gold recovery.

The Proline 4" dredge is equipped with the Honda GX160 4.8 horse power engine and our hot new HP 350 pump for those wanting a lighter weight less expensive setup. The new HP 350 is an extremely efficient pump with a high flow, "progressive bite" impeller. This allows for sufficient power for most dredging applications. The Proline 4" gold dredge is also available with the Honda GX200 5.5HP engine and HP 400 pump. We highly recommend this engine and pump combination for anyone who dredges to greater depths or at higher altitudes. The GX200 can be equipped with either the T80 diaphragm compressor or a twin piston Gast 263 compressor for two divers.

Sluice Box 16" x 48" Dredge Hose 4" x 15 ft.  Flotation  4 each polyethylene floats 13" x 46" x 74" Weight 210 - 228 pounds

Proline 4" Dredge PL4GX160HP350 Honda 4.8HP w/HP350 Pump

Proline 4" Dredge PL4GX160HP350T80 Honda 4.8HP w/HP350 Pump & T80

Proline 4" Dredge PL4GX200HP400T80 Honda 5.5HP w/HP400 Pump & T80

Proline 4" Dredge PL4GX200HP400263 Honda 5.5HP w/HP400 Pump & 263

Note: the State of Alaska requires a permit for all suction dredges operating in the State of Alaska. See our Suction Dredging Regulations page for details.

Alaska Mining & Diving Supply is a dealer for Proline gold dredges. Contact Us! for more information on how to purchase your new Proline gold dredge.


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