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Proline 2" Highbanker Suction Dredge Combo

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Beginners love the 2" highbankers (power sluices) because they are small, lightweight, and very affordable. The Proline 2" highbanker combo offers the versatility of being operated as either a small gold dredge or a highbanker which can be fed continuously with a small shovel. These units are mainly intended for highbanking, as they lack floats and so are more limited than a normal suction dredge in where they may be set up and operated. For best suction the power jet should be as close to the water as possible to insure easy priming and maximum suction.

Our 2" power sluice combo is now powered by the all new HP 100 pump. This pump is direct coupled to the Honda GX50 2.1HP 4-cycle engine and offers astounding performance in a package that is lighter and quieter than our previous engine/pump combination. There are some obvious advantages that come from using this new engine, such as the famous Honda quality, low-oil shut-off, and the ease of no longer having to worry about those gas and oil mixtures. In addition, this engine is the perfect size and operates at the proper R.P.M. to develop peak water volume and pressure, both of which are required to get full use out of this combo.

Proline Highbanker / 2" Gold Dredge Combo
Proline Highbanker / 2" Gold Dredge Combo

Visually, the 2" remains the same as the previous model. The refinements that were made were done to take advantage of the new pump, as well as to make it easier to operate. For example, the spray manifold which breaks up the bank run material when highbanking, has been refined to cope with the new found higher pump pressures and the highbanker hose now clamps onto the manifold in a more “relaxed” manner, eliminating many kinks in the hose.

The riffle profile was altered as well, due to the increased water flow. Gold recovery was actually improved because the higher water speed gave the Hungarian riffles a greater hold on the finer gold particles. We have kept all of our other features such as our use of “Nomad” matting, the removable grizzly, and our sturdy stand with adjustable legs for uneven terrain.

Some new features include a longer pressure hose for use when dredging to allow the unit to sit further from the pump. Another feature is being able to more effectively clean out the cracks and crevices when dredging by taking advantage of our high pressure outlet, located on the side of the pump. There simply isn’t a more advanced 2" combo available anywhere!

Engine 2.1HP Honda Pump HP 100 Sluice Box 10" x 36" Dredge Hose 2" x 10 ft.  Highbanker Pressure Hose 1.25" x 25' Weight 57 pounds


Alaska Mining & Diving Supply is a dealer for Proline gold dredges and highbankers. Contact Us! for more information on how to purchase your new Proline highbanker combo. Note: the State of Alaska requires a permit for all suction dredges operating in the State of Alaska. See our Suction Dredging Regulations page for details.


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