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Power Sluices

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The power sluice, or highbanker, allows the sluice box to be placed near the material to be mined. Water is pumped from the nearest water source to feed the washing system. In very dry areas, water can also be recirculated from a settling pond back to the power sluice. This allows a miner to design a "zero-discharge" mining system where regulations do not allow discharge into a stream or river.
The hopper design washes clay and debris with a spray bar. All washed material is then classified for selective recovery. Screening off the oversized material results in better fine gold recovery.

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2.5 Inch Power Sluice Combination Kit
Keene Power Sluices
Keene's power sluice can work remote placer deposits hundreds of feet away from the water source. The hopper design washes clay and debris with a high pressure washing spray bar. All washed material is then classified to minus 1/2 inch for selective recovery. The spray bar is equipped with a water valve for controlling the flow in the sluice and a garden hose port that can be used for cleaning cracks and crevices. The sluice has been improved with heavy duty latches, rolled top edges and a better hopper adjustment system. The recovery system has been enhanced with black rubber ribbed matting for quick identification of values, hungarian riffles over miners moss for fine gold recovery and expanded metal over ribbed matting for final separation. Equipped with an adjustable independent leg support system that enables the power sluice to be assembled in any type of terrain in a matter of minutes.
2.1 HP Power Sluice Concentrator / 2.5" Dredge Combo
This is a KEA52 hand sluice converted into a power sluice. This package includes the following components: 1. Hand Sluice, Hopper Conversion Component, Frame with Adjustable Support Legs, Sluice Trough Extension, Engine, pump, intake assembly and pressure hose, One 12' x 1 1/4" coupled pressure hose, Dredging Riffle, Classify Screen, 10 Feet 2.5" Suction Hose, and 2.5" Suction Nozzle. Weight 88 lbs. Part#KEHBCK25
KE1753H Power Sluice
KE1753H Power Sluice
w/3" Dredge Combo
5.5HP Power Sluice / 3" Dredge Combo
This is our most popular highbanker dredge combo unit. A model 175 Power Sluice with the addition of a 3 inch dredge suction nozzle, 10 feet of 3 inch suction hose and 12 feet of additional pressure hose to extend the suction system. Honda GX200 5.5HP motor with Keene P180 pump. Weight 107 lbs. Part#KE1753H
Power Sluice Concentrator
Power Sluice Concentrator Only
This is the box and hopper assembly with legs only. You provide the pump and hoses. Ideal for those who already own a dredge or other equipment and want to add the concentrator assembly. A pump with a minimum of 100gpm is required to run the power sluice, and more horsepower will pump longer distances. This unit can also be converted to a bank-mounted 3" dredge with optional hoses and nozzle. Part#KE173CA


Proline Highbanker / 2" Gold Dredge Combo
Proline Highbanker / 2" Gold Dredge Combo

Beginners love the 2" machines because they are small, lightweight, and very affordable. The Proline 2" combo offers the versatility of being operated as either a small gold dredge or a highbanker which can be fed continuously with a small shovel. These units are mainly intended for highbanking, as they lack floats and so are more limited than a normal suction dredge in where they may be set up and operated. For best suction the power jet should be as close to the water as possible to insure easy priming and maximum suction.

Our 2" combo is now powered by the all new HP 100 pump. This pump is direct coupled to the Honda GX50 2.1HP 4-cycle engine and offers astounding performance in a package that is lighter and quieter than our previous engine/pump combination.

There are some obvious advantages that come from using this new engine, such as the famous Honda quality, low-oil shut-off, and the ease of no longer having to worry about those gas and oil mixtures. In addition, this engine is the perfect size and operates at the proper R.P.M. to develop peak water volume and pressure, both of which are required to get full use out of this combo.

Visually, the 2" remains the same as the previous model. The refinements that were made were done to take advantage of the new pump, as well as to make it easier to operate. For example, the spray manifold which breaks up the bank run material when highbanking, has been refined to cope with the new found higher pump pressures and the highbanker hose now clamps onto the manifold in a more “relaxed” manner, eliminating many kinks in the hose.

The riffle profile was altered as well, due to the increased water flow. Gold recovery was actually improved because the higher water speed gave the Hungarian riffles a greater hold on the finer gold particles. We have kept all of our other features such as our use of “Nomad” matting, the removable grizzly, and our sturdy stand with adjustable legs for uneven terrain.

Some new features include a longer pressure hose for use when dredging to allow the unit to sit further from the pump. Another feature is being able to more effectively clean out the cracks and crevices when dredging by taking advantage of our high pressure outlet, located on the side of the pump. There simply isn’t a more advanced 2" combo available anywhere!

Engine 2.1HP Honda Pump HP 100 Sluice Box 10" x 36" Dredge Hose 2" x 10 ft.  Highbanker Pressure Hose 1.25" x 25' Weight 57 pounds


Proline Highbanker / 2.5" Gold Dredge Combo
Proline Highbanker / 2.5" Gold Dredge Combo

The Proline 2.5" combo has become very well accepted with many prospectors who feel that it is the perfect size of dual-purpose machine. When this unit is being operated as a dredge, it is capable of processing in excess of five cubic yards of material per hour. This is also the smallest Proline combo that can handle a continuous feed with a standard size shovel, which makes it the perfect highbanker for one or two people.

This combo falls halfway in size between the 2" and 3" models and has incorporated some features from both of them. For example, the stand and legs are longer, but are made out of the same size material as the 2" for weight savings. The polyethylene plastic hopper has been reinforced just like the 3" and the riffles have a stiffening rod on them to ensure a longer life. The sluice box on the 2.5" is made out of the same thickness of aluminum as the 3" as well. This makes for a very strong unit.

Powered by a Honda GX120 3.5HP engine and our HP 200 pump, this is by far the most powerful 2.5" combo available anywhere. The HP 200 pump was developed for high volume as well as high working pressure necessary for successful highbanking. This pump was also one of the first of its size which was engineered to be capable of driving an air compressor while still maintaining ample suction power.

All of the Proline dredge-highbanker combos are popular with prospectors who are looking for maximum versatility in a proven design. If the 2" combo isn't up to your needs, and if the 3" combo is just a little too large, then the Proline 2.5" combo would be the perfect choice!

Engine 3.5HP Honda Pump HP 200 Sluice Box 12" x 42" Dredge Hose 2.5" x 10 ft.  Highbanker Pressure Hose 1.25" x 40' Weight 95 pounds

Note: Air compressor in picture is an optional item.



Proline Highbanker / 3" Gold Dredge Combo
Proline Highbanker / 3" Gold Dredge Combo

Of all the dual-purpose machines available today, our 3" is by far the most capable of putting in a full day's work. Even though it isn't much larger than the 2.5" combo, it can easily process twice as much material when being operated as a dredge and can handle continuous feeding by three men shoveling as a highbanker. Our 3" combo is equipped with a large aluminum reinforced polyethylene plastic hopper for large capacity of bank run material. The two triple row spray bars ensure that all of the gravel, clays, roots, etc. are thoroughly washed and separated before running through the recovery system.

The grizzly is designed to be strong, yet surprisingly lightweight. Like all of our other grizzlies, this piece is made to be removable. This is done for two reasons. First, this allows easy access to the classifier and black "V" ribbed matting for inspection and/or clean up. Second, if the combo is going to be operated solely as a dredge, the grizzly can be left behind for weight savings.

This unit is powered by a Honda GX160 4.8HP engine and our special HP 300 pump. This is not a dredge pump, but a high pressure unit designed specifically for pushing water higher and further, making it ideal for highbanking. We supply 15 feet of dredging hose standard. It is the longest length normally found on machines of this type, however, we have sold ours with hoses considerably longer. Our use of a power jet provides maximum suction power with less hose plugs, compared to combos that rely on suction nozzles for vacuum. Of course this combo can be equipped with an air compressor kit just like the dredge if you wish to increase your dredging productivity. It's no surprise that the Proline 3" combo has seen such wide popularity with prospecting clubs, exploration companies, and miners who require a very versatile machine in a small rugged package.

Engine 4.8HP Honda Pump HP 300 Sluice Box 14" x 48" Dredge Hose 3" x 15 ft.  Highbanker Pressure Hose 1.5" x 50' Weight 155 pounds

Note: Air compressor in picture is an optional item.


Proline Big Banker Test Plant
Proline Big Banker Test Plant

The Proline Big Banker is an oversized power sluice (highbanker) suitable for feeding with the new breed of ultra mini-excavator available these days. The hopper opening is 23" x 30" with a 20" wide x 72" long sluice. Comes complete with GX270 8.5HP Honda powered HP500 pump with base plate and hoses. Comes with axle and tires to aid in moving the unit around. Shown next to Proline 2" highbanker in photo for scale.


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