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Minelab GPX 5000 Gold Nugget Detector

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The Minelab GPX 5000 is the most powerful gold nugget detector produced today. Alaska Mining & Diving Supply founder Steve Herschbach has been tremendously successful with the Minelab SD/GP series detectors. Steve started out with the Minelab SD 2000 and has used every SD and GP model made since the SD 2000 was introduced, and he got the first GPX 5000 sold in Alaska. Steve is by no means sold on any one brand or model of detector, but when it comes to finding large gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils he believes a Minelab SD or GP series detector is simply the best for the job. The worse the ground mineralization and hot rocks get, the better the SDs and GPs will compare to other detectors. If you want a detector that will find large gold nuggets deeper than any other detector, you need look no further than a Minelab pulse induction detector.

Minelab GPX 5000 and close-up of back controls

Download the Owner's Manual     First Gold in Alaska with a GPX 5000

     Minelab GPX-5000 Gold Nugget Detector

Standard equipment includes the GPX 5000 detector itself with 11" Round DD Searchcoil and Scuff Cover, 11" Round Mono Searchcoil and Scuff Cover, Lithium Ion Battery with 110V Wall Charger and 12V Auto Charger, Power Cable, Padded Battery Harness w/Bungee Support, Koss UR-30 Headphones, Operating Instructions, and 3 Year Transferable Warranty (Coils 1 Year)

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Steve with Minelab GP 3000  Gold found with Minelab GP 3000
Steve out detecting, and the nearly 2 pounds of gold specimens he found with his Minelab

Read about Steve's detecting experiences with the Minelab detectors in Alaska. See Detecting Gold at Chisana, Detecting Gold in the Fortymile, Minelab SD2200D at Fortymile, GP 3000 Gets Fortymile Gold, Minelab GP 3000 at Moore Creek, Alaska, Moore Creek 2004, and George's Nugget.

Minelab GPX 5000 Timings Chart
Little or No
GPX 5000 Coin and Relic Coin/Relic
Gives significantly greater depth on medium to large targets in areas with nil to very mild ground mineralization.
GPX 5000 Sharp Mode Sharp
Finds a good variety of target sizes in mildly mineralized ground. Similar but more powerful than Normal. It is capable of an improvement in depth, but is also more susceptible to interference and ground noise.
Medium Low
GPX 5000 Sensitive Extra Sensitive Extra
Provides the best signal response on small gold in mild to medium ground mineralization.
Medium Mineralization GPX 5000 Normal Mode Normal
Gives great performance on a wide range of soil conditions, and target sizes. It is a good default timing to assess a new area.
Medium High
GPX 5000 Salt Gold Salt/Gold
(GPX 5000 ONLY)

Provides the best signal response on small to large gold in salt saturated and mineralized ground conditions. It will operate very well on salt lakes and beaches.
GPX 5000 Fine Gold Fine Gold
(GPX 5000 ONLY)

Finds sub-gram gold nuggets that Enhance cannot. It is more sensitive and detects deeper than Enhance.
Very High
GPX 5000 Enhance Enhance

Runs quietly in most heavily mineralized, variable and "hot rock" infested grounds using a monoloop coil. It is more sensitive and detects deeper than Sensitive Smooth but can be slightly more affected by severe ground mineralization.
GPX 5000 Sensitive Smooth Sensitive Smooth
Is optimized for the most severe, heavily mineralized, variable and "hot rock" infested grounds, even when using a Monoloop coil.


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