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Minelab E-Trac Metal Detector with USB Port

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The Minelab E-TRAC takes metal detecting to new levels of technological achievement! The first metal detector that you can connect to your home computer to download and upload your settings. You can even exchange custom settings with your friends! There's no limit to the number you can store on your PC so make the most of your E-TRAC and never worry about losing your successful settings again! However, you do not need a computer at all to use this detector. The capability is just there for people who want it.

The Minelab E-TRAC is based on the hugely popular Explorer series but is not just an Explorer with a USB port. In particular the E-TRAC represents a re-thinking of how the target information should be displayed. Both the conductivity and ferrous readings now start in the upper left hand corner of the screen, with conductivity extending to 50 at the far right, and ferrous extending to 35 at the bottom of the screen. The screen itself is larger and has better resolution. The control panel layout and menu structure are all redesigned. The Minelab E-TRAC is so different from what some may expect that we highly recommend downloading and reading the Owner's Manual from the link below to understand just how different this detector is from what Minelab has produced in the past.

A note from expert detectorist Steve Herschbach: "I think that sometimes people get scared off by detectors like the E-TRAC because they think it will be hard to learn. Surely all those settings will confuse people! But the fact is for a person who wants to coin hunt with their new E-TRAC all they need to do is turn it on, push the Noise Cancel button (the one on the far right), wait 30 seconds, and go detecting! If the detector sounds off on a target with a good, solid sound, dig it up. That is all there is to it. You can learn the extra features whenever you are ready but there is no reason to not get one of the best detectors on the market and just go use it"!

Minelab E-TRAC Detector

Download Owners Manual

Included as standard with all Minelab E-TRAC units from Minelab - Koss UR-30 Headphones, Rechargeable 1600 NiMH Battery Pack, Alkaline Battery Holder, 11" ultralight FBS Coil with Scuff Cover, AC Wall Charger, Detector Stand, and 2 year warranty.

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bullet E-Trac Xchange USB functionality - create, download and upload your E-Trac Settings and Discrimination Patterns for your favorite sites; save to your PC or XChange them with others by email.
bullet Ultra-lightweight waterproof 11" Double D Waterproof Coil, versatile with sharp, accurate pinpointing and depth!
bullet QuickMask™ with independent Ferrous and Conductivity rejection level adjust - a fast and simple way to edit Patterns
bullet Smartfind™ offers Minelab's proven unique discrimination and dual coordinate target profiling.
bullet Discrimination Scale with radical realignment improves the target ID and recovery rate of good targets at depth
bullet Sensitivity functionality with expanded Auto, Manual and "Suggested" settings
bullet Refined Threshold adjustment level on a 1-50 scale - greater precision to suit your requirements
bullet Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators on 2 modes makes target size and identification more accurate than ever
bullet Four pre-programmed Minelab User Modes with specific Settings and Patterns suited to Coins; High Trash; Beach and Relics.
bullet Four User Mode slots - personalize your Modes to suit your specific detecting target preferences and environment.
bullet Ground Setting options of Neutral and Difficult adapt easily to benign or the most challenging operating conditions with these settings.
bullet Trash Density - High ensures you experience fewer false signals in high trash environments, Low is perfect for cleaner sites.
bullet User-centered Keypad and Menu Interface Design - enhanced usability with intuitive icons and logical menu sequences that are fast and so easy to use!
bullet Clear resolution Visual Display Panel 72mm x 48mm - designed for optimum visibility in all light conditions
bullet Ergonomic, perfectly balanced Handle Assembly ensures longer periods of detecting without fatigue!
bullet Additional Expert Features and Preferences allow you to customize your E-Trac to suit your needs.


Minelab E-TRAC Specifications

Transmission Technology Full Band Spectrum (FBS) Multifrequency Technology
Microprocessor 32bit, 48MHz microprocessor fast and powerful
Connectivity USB connector for communication with Personal Computer
Software Intuitive User Interface; Fast Target processing; Multi-language functionality
QuickMask Fast and Easy adjustment of Ferrous and Conductivity Discrimination
Depth Gauge Accurate Gauge active in Normal detecting and Pinpoint mode
Noise Cancel Automatic & Manual selection of 11 channels
Pinpoint Non-motion with modulated audio and visual Crosshair on LCD, 2 Modes Normal and Sizing
User Modes 4 Minelab Modes and 4 My Modes
Discrimination 2 Dimensional Smartfind Discrimination
Target Identification 2 Dimensional Smartfind Size / Conductivity and Ferrous characteristics Conductivity 1-50, Ferrous 1-35
Sensitivity Adjustment Fully Automatic with adjustable offset,
  Manual Setting 1-30
Sensitivity Gauge Auto Level, Manual Level, Suggested Level
Threshold Fine adjustment level from 1-50
Audio Response 4 Settings: Normal, Long, Smooth, Pitch Hold
Tone ID Number of Tones 1, 2, 4 and Multi-tone; customizable for Conductivity or Ferrous response
Tone ID Variability 30 adjustable steps for better Target Identification
Recovery Speed Selectable Fast & Deep
Trash Density Low for areas with isolated targets or High, for areas with more trash
Ground Balance Modes Auto Ground Compensation - Advanced Digital Filtering
Ground Settings Neutral for most ground conditions, Difficult for more mineralized soils
Coil Ultra-lightweight 11" Double D (DD) waterproof coil
Batteries 1600 mAh NiMH or Alkaline batteries
Low Battery Audio Alarm Audio and visual indication
Visual Display Large 3.4 (8.65cm) grayscale LCD panel with Contrast adjustment and Backlight
Headphone Input 100 Ω Stereo Jack
Patents US 4890064; US 5537041; US 5506506


Minelab Metal Detectors

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