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Keene 5" Suction Gold Dredge

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Keene 5" gold dredges can be outfitted with a 4" nozzle opening to work in many locations in Alaska without getting a full Annual Placer Mining Application (APMA)*. National Forests in Alaska usually consider suction dredges with 4" and smaller nozzle openings as not automatically requiring a full plan of operations*. The Keene 5" gold dredge uses the famous Keene 3-stage box. The 3-stage sluice offers enhanced fine gold recovery, and the more hours you operate, the more important this will be. Keene 5" dredges of course feature their oversize powerjet with quick coupling system. This dramatically reduces clogging and in the rare event of a clog, allows for quick and easy access to the hose.

Keene 5" Gold Suction Dredge with 3-Stage Sluice Recovery System

Keene 5" Gold Suction Dredge with 3-Stage Sluice Recovery System

Keene 5" Gold Suction Dredge with 3-Stage Sluice Recovery System
Years of research and development, as well as valuable customer input went into these 5 inch models. All 5 inch dredges feature our 3 Stage Sluice Box for superior fine gold recovery. These dredges are the perfect size for the serious minded prospector who requires portability without sacrificing professional results. The flotation system is designed to operate in most conditions, including fast running and deep water. Engine and compressor options are available to suit your needs and budget.

Keene Three Stage Sluice Box

Features of the Keene 5" 3-Stage Gold Dredges

bullet3 stage sluice box for unsurpassed fine gold recovery. The best in the business !!!
bulletThe pump has proven to be the one of the highest performing pumps on the market.
bullet5" floats with built in tool boxes and drink holders with bottom runners for rocky rivers and fast water.
bulletThe adjustable jet flare can be raised and positioned at frame level for transporting through rapids and shallow areas.
Part Number Engine Type Compressor Weight
KE5109PH 8.5 hp Honda GX270 T80 325 lbs.
KE5211HP 5.5 hp Honda GX200 T80 325 lbs.


Keene Oversize Powerjet with Quick Coupler System
Keene Oversize Power Jet with Quick Coupler System
We have taken the standard Power Jet and created a more efficient, easy to use and overall superior jet! The new design involves a slight enlargement of the jet tube, making it a bit larger than the interior of the suction hose. The result of this modification is a smooth, seamless flow from hose to jet. Rock jams and other obstructions are virtually eliminating downtime. The quick coupling features two side mounted snap levers for quick and easy joining.
*Permit requirements can vary - always check with the appropriate land management agency.
AMDS has Keene suction dredges for gold and other valuable minerals. The suction dredge is the best method for the small miner to recover gold from underwater deposits. Gold dredging is a relatively inexpensive method of mining for small one or two man mining operations, and can provide reasonable returns for the hard-working miner. Keene Engineering is the oldest and largest manufacturer of portable suction gold dredging equipment. Note: the State of Alaska requires a permit for all suction dredges operating in the State of Alaska. See our Suction Dredging Regulations page for details.
Alaska Mining & Diving Supply is a dealer for Keene gold dredges. Contact Us! for more information on how to purchase your new Keene gold dredge.


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