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Garrett AT Gold Submersible Metal Detector

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The new Garrett AT Gold is available now! The new deep seeking, all terrain Garrett AT Gold sets a new standard for power and versatility in a fully submersible metal detector. Until now manufacturers kept features and controls at a minimum when designing units for underwater use, thus limiting their above water versatility. The Garrett AT Gold is a fully submersible detector that offers all the features of an above water unit, and does so without the expense and weight of most underwater detectors. The AT Gold has a fully waterproof LCD target ID readout and a speaker for above water use that can be submerged without harm! Many people may never submerge the unit, but will rest safe knowing even the worst rain cannot harm this detector. The AT Gold is fully submersible up to a depth of 10 feet, but note that the headphones that come with it are not themselves submersible. Optional fully submersible headphones are available.

Another eye-catching item is the operating frequency of the Garrett AT Gold - 18 kHz. This frequency is particularly hot on gold and makes the AT Gold a superior detector for finding small gold items in freshwater, such as chains and earrings, that other detectors miss. Like all true gold detectors the AT Gold has a threshold based all metal mode, not the more common and less sensitive "zero discriminate" mode offered on coin detectors. Automatic and manual ground balancing also insures that the AT Gold can be tuned properly for soil conditions, another factor in finding small gold items.


Garrett AT Gold

Note: The AT Gold comes with headphones for above water use. The unit itself can be submerged but not the headphones. Waterproof accessory headphones available below.


Additional Accessories You Can Buy For Your Garrett AT Gold
Underwater Headphones
Underwater Headphones
For use with mask and snorkel detecting. These headphones can be fully submerged, unlike the headphones that come with the AT Gold.

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