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Fisher Gold Bug Pro Nugget Detector

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The Fisher Gold Bug Pro sets a new performance standard for nugget detectors in its price range. The Gold Bug Pro is a sensitive 19 kHz detector that is light in weight and which offers both an all metal and discriminate modes. Unlike the original Gold Bug the new Gold Bug Pro has more versatility due to the adjustable discriminate mode and target id meter. This will make it useful for jewelry, relic, and even coin detecting.

The 5" round DD coil supplied with the Gold Bug Pro offers exceptional sensitivity on small gold nuggets. A bonus is that this coil and detector combination are getting kudos on the internet for exceptional target separation in trashy ground. Large coils "see" several targets at once, leading to a condition referred to as "target masking". This occurs when a desired item is under the coil at the same time as an item set to be rejected as trash. The trash signal causes both the good and bad targets to be lost. The 5" DD coil has exceptional target separation allowing good items to be plucked from the midst of trash. It is thought far more good targets remain that are masked by nearby trash than exist at extreme depths, and so many in-the-know detectorists are using small coils and seeking out trashy locations to make finds missed by others.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro w/5" DD Coil



bulletMulti-purpose machine with excellent gold prospecting capabilities
bulletGround balances all the way to salt
bullet5" DD waterproof searchcoil for small nugget sensitivity
bulletUnmatched target separation in iron trash
bulletFinds the very small gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils
bulletV-Break TM; Industry's First Variable Breakpoint tone discrimination system
bulletComputerized Ground Grab TM
bulletReal-Time computerized ground balancing
bulletV.C.O. Audio in All Metal & Discrimination Mode
bulletIndependent control over Threshold & Gain
bulletContinuous Ground Condition Readouts
bulletGround Phase value indicates type of mineralization
bulletFe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
bulletStatic Pinpoint with depth indicator
bulletDual Headphone Jacks
bullet19kHz Operating Frequency
bulletUltra Simple User Interface
bullet Ultra-Lightweight (2.5 lbs)
bullet Gold Prospecting Guide
bullet Download Manual

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