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Falcon Gold Probe

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The Falcon Gold Probe is a very lightweight and inexpensive gold detector. It is extremely sensitive to very small gold, much smaller than can be detected with normal nugget detectors. With sensitivity as small as 2/100 of a grain, it can basically detect any gold visible to the human eye. The Falcon MD20 only has two controls, and so is very easy to operate.
The main drawback to the unit is the very small area that it scans. For very small gold the effective scanning area is about an inch wide by and inch deep. Larger gold may be detected a bit deeper, but very small gold is really what this unit is made for. You would therefore not use the Falcon like a regular nugget detector. It excels at specific uses. Two of it's best applications are scanning quartz samples for enclosed gold, and tracing crevices in bedrock for sniping. The unit could pay for itself quickly in a crevicing operation.
Please note that the Falcon is not a "gold only" detector. It detects any conductive items and so has uses for anyone looking for tiny metal items. But there is no ability to differentiate between different metals.
The Falcon MD20 comes complete with control box and waterproof handheld probe. The unit has a built-in speaker, but may also be used with 1/8" jack headphones (not included). The Falcon Gold Probe comes complete with a one year limited warranty.
Falcon MD-20 Gold Tracker
Falcon MD20 Gold Tracker
bullet All Metal Motion Mode Detection - Unit must be moving slightly to detect targets
bullet Automatic Ground balance helps maintain stable operation
bullet Extreme sensitivity to gold smaller than can be detected by standard metal detectors
bullet Waterproof handheld probe with 5 foot cable.
bullet Control box is 5" x 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" and entire unit weighs only 1 1/2 pounds. The control box weighs only 12 ounces!
bullet Detection is indicated by an audio tone by speaker or optional headphones
bullet Uses two standard 9V batteries (included). Rechargeable batteries are not recommended
bullet Battery life of 40-50 hours
bullet One Year Limited Warranty

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