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6.85 Ounce Gold Quartz Specimen

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This unique gold quartz specimen has a nearly solid gold core along one edge that then spreads out into the surrounding quartz. The quartz is unusually lustrous with an agate-like appearance. Close examination reveals dendritic (leaf-like) patterns in the thin fingers of gold reaching into the quartz. The thick gold is obvious along one edge, but from other angles the specimen exhibits the enclosing quartz.  The total weight of this specimen is 6.848 Troy ounces or 213 grams. The specimen has only been cleaned with soap and water and it is possible the quartz will grow whiter if treated to remove the rust staining. However, it has been left exactly as it was found and so has not been treated chemically in any way.

This specimen was found by Steve Herschbach in the fall of 2002 at Ganes Creek, Alaska with a White's MXT metal detector. The nugget was located at a relatively shallow depth in cobbles discarded by old bucketline dredge operations. It was the largest gold nugget (or specimen) found at Ganes Creek that year. It is also Steve's largest find to date. See the full story of this find at Steve's Mining Journal.

6.85 Ounce Specimen Found By Steve With White's MXT     6.85 Ounce Specimen Found By Steve With White's MXT
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6.85 Ounce Specimen Found By Steve With White's MXT   Story Here

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6.85 Troy Ounce (213.0 Gram) Gold/Quartz Specimen SOLD!
This 6.848 ounce specimen was found at Ganes Creek, Alaska in 2002 by Steve Herschbach. Steve found this exceptional piece with a White's MXT metal detector in old cobble piles left by bucketline dredges. This specimen comes with a signed certificate of origin detailing where, when, and how it was found. Click here for a sample certificate. Certificate Number 101956.

This item will be shipped via Registered U.S. Mail, Insured, with Restricted Delivery. This means the purchaser is the only person who can sign for receipt and so plan on being available at the time of delivery. If you are not, the Post Office will hold your package until you pick it up.

Gold Specimen #101956

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