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3.15 Ounce Gold Nugget

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This gold quartz specimen is one of over 2 pounds of gold nuggets and specimens that Steve Herschbach found at Moore Creek, Alaska in 2003. It was found with a Minelab GP 3000 metal detector in a tailing pile left by old mining operations. Steve has an interest in meteorites and was struck by how much this nugget resembled pictures of some meteorites that he has seen. If a gold nugget fell from space, it might look like this! This find has not been treated in any way except to be washed in soap and water, and so it retains the red iron staining common in many of the specimens found at Moore Creek. The soil has a high iron content that gives the quartz rock enclosed in the specimens a rich red color. This staining can be removed by chemical means but Steve liked the appearance of this specimen as it was found and so it appears much as it did when found.
Side Views of Specimen - "The Meteorite Nugget"
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3.15 Ounce Specimen Found By Steve Herschbach With Minelab GP 3000
      In Hand                            With Ruler                  Bottom View
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3.15 Troy Ounce (98.0 Gram) Gold/Quartz Specimen SOLD!
This 3.15 ounce specimen was found at Moore Creek, Alaska in August 2003 by Steve Herschbach. It was found with a Minelab GP 3000 metal detector in old tailing piles left by dragline operations of the past. Steve has named this nugget "The Meteorite Nugget" because its sculpted appearance resembles a rock from space. This specimen has only been washed with water and so retains its original iron-stained appearance since in this case it seems to enhance its appearance. This specimen comes with a signed certificate of origin detailing where, when, and how it was found. This specimen comes with a certificate of origin detailing where, when, and how it was found. Click here for a sample certificate. Certificate Number 101969.

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Gold Specimen #101969 SOLD!

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