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Hookah Diving Air Compressors & Drysuits

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Alaska Mining & Diving Supply carries a complete line of hookah diving equipment. "Hookah" refers to diving that is supplied with air from the surface via an air compressor. This type of diving is ideal for commercial applications and finds use with the company's suction gold dredges as well as with commercial fishermen and others.
Hookah on dredge 1998 Herschbach Enterprises     Miner w/ hookah 1998 Herschbach Enterprises
Typical Hookah Diving Equipment Used Gold Mining
bullet Hookah Air Compressors - Hookah air compressors are normally used for surface air supplied diving. These engine driven compressors supply air continuously and are superior to SCUBA systems for many commercial applications.
bullet Hookah Diving Systems- Hookah supplies such as air lines, reserve tanks, harnesses, regulators, and miscellaneous hardware.
bullet Hookah Diving Gear - Diving protective gear such as hoods, masks, gloves plus miscellaneous supplies.
bullet AMDS Drysuits - Front-entry nylon drysuits custom made for AMDS by U.S.I.A.
bullet BARE Drysuits - Industrial strength neoprene drysuits and lightweight backpackable drysuits.
bullet AMDS Prospecting Forum - Ask a question and get an answer from AMDS.


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Prices are F.O.B. Anchorage, Alaska unless otherwise noted. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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