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Do you need a tough drysuit for working long hours under harsh conditions? BARE Sports and Alaska Mining & Diving Supply have worked together to come up with a drysuit suitable for commercial suction dredging. These suits are designed specifically for Alaskan conditions and to AMDS specifications. Our neoprene suits feature 6mm high-density compression resistant neoprene, laminated with "DIAMOND-TUFF" nylon. The suits are assembled using exclusive No-Stitch Technology (NST). This technology features double glued seams with seam stripping both inside and out. Seam stripping is where a one inch wide strip of neoprene tape is glued directly over the seam, adding to the strength and integrity of the seal. This is usually an expensive option on other brands of neoprene suits. These suits also feature 3mm neoprene roll-under neck seal and 5mm roll-under wrist seals. These neoprene seals are much less prone to tearing and rotting than latex seals, and the roll-under design insures a better seal than normal "push-though" neoprene seals. The roll-under cuffs not only put the smooth neoprene surface firmly against your wrist for a superior seal, but feature an exterior smooth neoprene surface that mates perfectly with neoprene gloves designed for use with drysuits. The neck seal is further protected by a 2mm nylon/smoothskin warm collar with vented neck drain.

What is the most important item needed by a man (sorry ladies) who spends 6 hours or more in a rear entry drysuit? Our suits feature a pre-installed relief zipper, usually an option, but not in our opinion! Attached boots are also a must, and this suit features the BARE HD vulcanized exterior 4mm compressed density neoprene inner liner boot with a double thick rubber grip sole. The rear entry back zipper has an internal protective flap. The knees are reinforced with K-PADz knee protection. Suspender tabs are pre-installed ready to accept optional suspenders. Finally, AMDS specified that the inflator and exhaust valves normally installed on these suits for deep diving purposes be left out. While this means these suits are only suitable for shallow use (15 feet or less) it also means they have a couple less items to maintain and that we can offer these suits at a lower price. Best of all, BARE suits come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

AMDS BARE Custom Drysuit

AMDS BARE Custom Drysuit

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K-PADz Knee    /    Relief Zipper    /    Wrist Seal




Neck Seal     /     Seam Tape     /     HD Boot

The AMDS custom drysuit by BARE is unlike any others offered on the Internet - when comparing prices be sure and compare features. Again, note that these are not the normal diving type models but are intended for shallow water use (15 feet or less) as work suits.

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DOWNLOAD A SIZE CHART HERE. AMDS drysuits by BARE are custom made to our specifications. As such, if a suit is out-of-stock and must be ordered, it will take up to 3 weeks to build the suit. Shipping time, depending on the method chosen, will add to this time. Plan ahead! Note that if a suit is ordered, there are many other options that can be added.

If we do not have a suit in stock to fit you and there is a rush, standard versions of our drysuit can be built within a week, plus shipping. These suits would come with valves but without a relief zipper.

Unfortunately, this suit is only available in men's sizing. A similar suit is available in women's sizes but with 4mm instead of 6mm neoprene.

See our Diving Gear Page for hoods, gloves, and more.

steveice.jpg by Richard Lampright
Why you need a drysuit in Alaska!
Photo by Richard Lampright

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