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Outboard Jets by Specialty Manufacturing

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Outboard jets are very popular in Alaska due to the many shallow running rivers and streams in the state. AMDS has complete jet kits for your outboard motor plus parts such as replacement impellers, lines, and shaft assemblies.

Combining the correct outboard power and boat design is the “secret” of successfully using an outboard jet to run in shallow water. Keep it light as possible since, unlike a propeller drive, you can’t change to a lower pitch jet drive impeller to increase load capability.

Aluminum is usually the material of choice. It is light, tough and easy to form in the proper configuration. For outboard jets, the bottom thickness can range from 1/16” (.063) for 20-50 HP to 3/16” (.187) for motors up to 225 HP. The lighter gauge is more easily damaged whereas the heaviest gauge can be a weight problem on midrange power from 50-100 HP.

The size and shape of the bottom is very important. The object is to ride on top of the water, which requires a good planing surface, and to float as shallow as possible when shut down. Bottom should be at least 48 inches wide and boat length at least 14 feet long.

There is about a 30% power loss when converting to our jet drive. A suitable outboard jet boat carrying an average load will provide about 80% of propeller speeds. It’s important to decide what load you want to carry how many people, gear, fuel, etc. and add the weight of the boat, motor and battery.

The advantages of Outboard Jet boat include maximum space inside the boat while still having the ability to operate in less than 6” of water, relative ease of cleaning out a clogged pump and adjustment for wear on the impeller and intake liner. AMDS can help you select select a suitable boat with sufficient HP to handle your total weight, so you can enjoy fishing and hunting in areas you couldn’t reach before.

Outboard Jets

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