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Honda 50 HP Outboard

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The lightest 50HP 4-stroke available on the market, this engine powers many pontoons, aluminum fishing boats and bay boats. Exclusive features like autostart enrichment insure easy starts, quick warmup, and superior low speed trolling capability. And because it's a Honda, you can expect long-term durability and clean, quiet operation.
Honda 50 hp
Honda 50 hp Outboard

Honda 50 hp Outboard Specifications


Type 4-Stroke SOHC 3 Cylinders/6 Valves
Displacement 808 cc
Bore and Stroke 70 mm x 70 mm
Full Throttle RPM Range 5,500-6,000 RPM
Rated Power 50 hp @ 6,000 RPM
Cooling System Water Cooled
Fuel DeliveryProgrammed Fuel Injection
Ignition SystemMicroComputer Programmed
Starting System Electric
Exhaust Through Hub


Gear Ratio 2.08:1
Gear Shift Forward-Neutral-Reverse


Alternator w/Voltage Regulator22-Amp (275 watt)
Propeller Optional
Power TiltStandard
Gas Assisted Tilt Available
Oil Pressure Alert Standard
Temperature Alert Standard
Rev-Limiter Standard
Speedometer Pickup Standard


Width 14.7 in.
Recommended Transom Height  L-Type 20 in.                                                                       X-Type 25 in.
Dry Weight L-Type  214 lbs.                                                                   X-Type 223 lbs.

Financing is available on all Honda outboard purchases. Contact Us! for more information on how to purchase your new Honda outboard! In Alaska call 1-800-478-3444 for the latest price and availability.

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